Why ED is so common and the main reasons for the appearance of this disease in a man’s life

At first, it is important to understand what ED is. ED is a condition which is expressed by the lack of a stable erection. Sometimes it can be expressed just by a weak erection and the impossibility of getting up and staying up for a long period of time.

There are two main reasons which could lead to ED. They are:

– physical;
– mental.

Different research in this area has helped to get the results, which tell us that about 50 percent of men in the range of 40 to 70 years old have experienced problems with ED. It is important to mention that the risk of ED appearing is becoming higher with age. It means that after 40, every man should pay attention to this problem and get some prophylactically methods. Additionally, most men prefer anonymity.

The physical disease could appear for some reasons. The most popular of them are:

– bad experiences;
– scared of being sexual on the basis of self-doubt.

A bad experience could appear not only with one’s first experience with sex. It could be even after many years of practice. Imagine if your partner said something about your technique or genitals and it hurt you. After that, every thought about sex brings you a scare. As the result, there will be no place for excitation.

Self-doubt is another big problem. This could come not only from the only sexual side but also could be doubts about your possibilities. The main reason for the appearance of ED is sad emotions from different conversational situations. It means that every contact with another person could bring you mental pain so that’s why your mind tries to avoid it.

How to avoid ED

One medical research found that unhealthy lifestyles are the most common reason for ED. It means that to avoid it, a man should follow some rules. They are:

– eating healthy food;
– doing morning exercises;
– keeping of a sleep schedule;
– maintaining a no-stress lifestyle;
– getting daily fresh air.

Of course, we understand that all of these points are sometimes impossible to get into your daily life. In some regions, bad ecology plays a huge role too and it destroys all ability to be healthy. In this situation, it is important to know, that Viagra is always ready to become the support of your sex life.

Disease without pharmaceutical support

The first thing every man should know is that without support, ED could become a reason for serious mental disease. It is not hard to explain because your sex life brings us many positive emotions. Without them, we feel stress and our nervous system is not ready to guard the mental part. Sex keeps our pleasure resources and makes relationships between couples stronger. Without sex, a lack of emotions and in most of the cases, scandals can easily occur.
The appearance of ED between a couple should be avoided and destroyed as quickly as it possible because the repercussion could be devastating. If at the time of appearance there were no mental problems, sexual weakness could destroy a man’s psychological side slowly by surely.

So, diseases such as ED are rather common but today modern medical help can aid you to get support in order to fight this problem and make it go away. Today it is hard to believe that some years ago there was no Viagra on the counters and pharmacy officially declared that there was no way to help. Luckily for us, this is no longer our sad reality!