Main facts about history of Viagra’s appearing in pharmaceutical world

Before the 1991 year, pharmacy on the official level informed that it has no decision about ED problems. It meant that a huge number of a man all over the world stayed alone with their problem, a lot of couples were destroyed because everybody knows that sex plays a huge role in relationships. Hear that you have got ED from a doctor meant that it is the end of your sexual life and the only one thing which could help is just a miracle. So, men were praying – because it was the only one thing which brings some hope. These terrifying times were until the 1991 year, which brings in medicine one fabulous breakthrough – Viagra.

Little mistake which changed the world

In the 1991 year, one famous pharmacy company decided to find an active element which should be able to use in cardiovascular problem’s situations. Their researches were successful and they found the active element. Right after that, they made a decision about forming of two groups, because without real tests with a human it is impossible to produce pills and get them on the counters. Groups consisted of people with a different degree of heart disease and they gave them pills. By the rules, every group member should note his feelings and impressions about every dosage. The deadline was after two weeks. When they were gone, researches asked to turn back pills and notes. They were rather surprised when appeared that pills number was not full. It meant that some of the members saved them. After asking the questions about their reasons, scientists got answers and they were pretty strange. All patients noted they this pill changed their sexual life. They told that they felt real excitation and strong erection. In some cases, there were deep ED problems and patients had no sex for a very long period of time. These new facts were awesome, but it means that it is important to get new tests, but for this time it will be ED research. Next episode of tests showed fantastic results and scientists got Nobel Prize for the biggest breakthrough in the history of modern medicine. There were tests about its influence on the excitation, cardiovascular system and some special circumstances of using it (for example, about Viagra and alcohol).

Preparations before producing

When all tests were done, people all over the world already knows about this miracle, but there was another big problem – pill still had no name. To change it, Pharmacy Company asked advertisement agency to find decision and soon this deal was done. They mixed some Latin words which mean “strong and powerful” and most popular waterfall’s name “Niagara”. Finally, they got Viagra and this new name was another one reason of its future popularity.

Today Viagra is still popular. This pill changes a lot of man’s life. It protects them from scared words “ED” and it able to offer real support. It means that today ED doesn’t mean that it is the end of man’s sexual life. It is just a little changes in daily rhythm, which could be inconspicuous. The only one thing you should do is to choose right dosage of Viagra and enjoy your full sexual life.