1) How can I keep my ED problems and ordering Viagra a secret?
Keeping this secret is not so hard. First, you can make your order my e-mail which means that all of the information about your problems and purchases will be under password control. Use the pills by the enclosed instructions and everything will be ok.

2) Viagra is not working – what is the problem?
There are a variety of features that Viagra is comprised of. First, make you sure that there was no oily food in your meal for 2-3 hours before taking the Viagra pill. Next, check on your dosage. Maybe the dosage you are taking is not enough for your situation.

3) Is it possible to take different pills at the same time?
No, this is not possible and strictly ill-advised. When taking multiple pills of different kinds, you will probably have side effects. Different pills’ reactions can result in uncomfortable feelings and this means that you should forget about sex until the side effects subside.

4) How can I change my dosage?
First of all, we should mention that changing your dosage is necessary only if the transition has no expected effect. If the effect of Viagra is too weak, add about 25 mg; if it is too strong, split your dosage. You can get detailed information on Viagra support service.

5) Are there any differences between your Viagra and the pharmacy’s pills?
Our recipe is a modern version which protects customers from side effects. It is possible to say that our version is softer because its composition was made out of modern raw materials which allow for the best protection and experience.

6) Why is there no excitation immediately after ingesting Viagra?
Viagra doesn’t provide excitation. This pill only provides a way to support your body. Excitation happens in your mind and only after that your body receives the command. This means that without desire, it is impossible to have sex. Try to create situations which allow you to relax and feel your deep emotions.

7) Is it possible to make the active period longer?
It is possible. To improve Viagra’s effective time, you shouldn’t eat oily food, maintain a low-stress lifestyle, and consume no alcohol. The instructions have all of the recommendation and if you don’t make any mistake while using Viagra, you will probably enjoy it with a long lasting period of sexual support.