Classification of Medicines for Enhancing Potency: Their Pros and Cons.

Classification of Medicines for Potency Enhancing, Their Pros and Cons.Thanks to massive advertising campaigns, most people have heard of men enhancements pills. But when it comes to practice (when a real man faces a real problem of this choice), it’s difficult to decide what to buy. How is it possible to not get lost in the diversity of products offered at pharmacies and retail stores? Certainly, the best way is to consult a specialist, who will say for sure whether you need any remedies or not and what you should select for your particular situation.

First of all, it is necessary to understand that all of the existing male remedies are divided into two major groups – pills for the prevention of possible problems and medications for relieving symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Remedies, belonging to the first group, are usually supplements and vitamins for men. The second group includes drugs, which are sold only with a prescription at pharmacies.

Food Supplements

Food or nutrition supplements are usually available in retail stores and supermarkets over the counter. They contain extracts of natural products (herbs, seeds, fruits), vitamins, and micronutrients. Popular ingredients for male “enhancement” natural pills are wild ginseng, Rhodiola Rosea, Yohimbe tree extract, and other plants as well as such microelements as zinc, selenium, Omega-3, and so on. As a general rule, these supplements do not treat any particular disorders. Instead, they improve the state of the reproductive system of a relatively healthy man.

Most supplements work in several directions:

  • improve pelvis circulation;
  • enhance sexual drive;
  • stimulate testosterone production;
  • improve the quality of sperm cells.

Classification of Medicines for Potency Enhancing, Their Pros and Cons.

They can be bought OTC by all men, but are especially useful for those men over 40 years old or those leading unhealthy lifestyles. These methods are used in order to prevent or postpone the first symptoms of sexual dysfunction. Keep in mind though that supplements are not completely harmless and some of them can cause serious negative reactions and allergies. If you are not sure whether you need to take supplements, consult your doctor. If you have no complaints regarding your sex life, chances are you don’t need anything at all.

Pills for ED Symptoms Treatment

If you’ve already faced the problem of the loss of sexual power, then it’s high time for you to visit a doctor. If the diagnosis of erectile dysfunction is confirmed, in most cases you’ll be prescribed one of the medicines relating to the category of PDE-5 inhibitors.

In the USA, the following options are available:
– Viagra – the oldest and the best known potency drug. Though it is definitely effective, it has some drawbacks. Its effect lasts for just 4-6 hours,Classification of Medicines for Potency Enhancing, Their Pros and Cons. it is not compatible with food and strong drinks, and in some people it causes serious negative effects.
– Cialis – is famous for its extremely long effect (36 hours) and a milder action. Its principal action is similar to Viagra’s, but due to its unique characteristics, it is slightly more expensive.
– Levitra – is known for its swift action. Its effect is seen in 15 minutes after swallowing a pill. Also, it is compatible with food and alcohol, which makes it highly demanded.

In general, all these drugs are very similar, so you can discuss with your doctor about the pros and cons of every option. Always buy what suits you best; it’s your body after all.


Finally, another option that is available in some countries is the ordering of generic drugs with the same effects as the non-generic options. They replicate original brands in terms of their chemical composition while having a lower price. The good thing about generic versions is their diversity. They are produced as tablets, sublingual pills, oral dissolvable strips, jellies, and even nasal sprays and patches. Unfortunately, generics are not approved by the FDA and not available in the USA. In some countries (especially in Asia), they are sold over the counter everywhere.

Whatever you choose to improve your sexual performance, adhere to basic rules: don’t use any medications or supplements without the need, and consult a health professional every time you feel uncertain of something regarding the state of your health.