An iceberg-man: how to melt the ice of intimate sensations and cause desire!

It is not right to think that pleasure is the reward for hard work. Rather, it is the principle of a healthy life.

The absence of sexual desire is considered to be a female problem. Unlike a woman’s norm, the male norm is an upbeat sexual mood, and if a man’s sexual desire suddenly decreases or disappears, it is perceived as a catastrophe and pathology. So in the male version, this problem is much less common, but it is much sharper and complicated.

Weak link

Men, completely devoid of an interest in sex, really exist. Most often, the reason for this is either psychological or genetic:

1. The genetic reason was discovered relatively recently. It is expressed in the sluggishness of sexual development caused by a genetic program. Depending on this program, all people in theAn iceberg-man: how to melt the ice of intimate sensations and cause desire! sexual plan are divided into three groups – strong, medium, and weak. In a weak group, there is, in turn, a stronger, medium and a very weak link. The weakest group (about 3% of the male population) constitutes a “risk group.” In a man with a weak sexual constitution, the level of sexual energy is very low. Fortunately, such an outcome can be avoided if it is noticed in time. If something is wrong, doctors can correct the sexual development of the boy.

2. If the physiological development is normal, you may need to consider psychological measures. The main thing is not to miss the timing because the process of psychosexual development is completed by about 25 years, and something can be changed only until it is finished. After 25 years of age, these psychological measures are usually set.

Victims of strict morals

The psychological reason for the lack of male interest in sex usually arises from the artificial suppression of sexuality in a child. For example, it could be the strict Puritan education with the condemnation of “sinful” interest in the opposite sex that creates the problem for a boy or man.

Any attempts at adulthoodAn iceberg-man: how to melt the ice of intimate sensations and cause desire! to create a family and to establish a sex life with a woman will not be successful since such men find the utmost indifference in regards to women. Their marriage is doomed to divorce, even if they happen to have a child. The further destiny of such men is loneliness.

Sexological practice shows that the chances of coming to normal sexuality are much greater in people with problems of natural origin than those (initially quite healthy) who were maimed by unnatural upbringing. No less sad is the fact that victims of unnatural upbringing encounter this problem much more often than victims of natural pathology.

Missing the desire?

An iceberg-man: how to melt the ice of intimate sensations and cause desire!

Much more familiar is the situation when a person’s normal male libido suddenly disappears for a long time or abruptly weakens. Here are the reasons; they can be very different. For example:

1. Nerves

Excessive workload by these or other unresolved problems, more precisely, related to anxiety, can complicate one’s sex life, especially if a man has neurotic features. To get out of this situation, it’s enough to get rid of fears and irritation.

2. Diseases

Of all the diseases, the most dangerous for sexuality are mental ones, namely: depression and schizophrenia. They are able to completely disable desire. Poor desire can also be caused by such violations in the body as diabetes, atherosclerosis, alcoholism, and urological problems. If the libido is lost due to illness, treatment of the underlying disease is required. But still the sexual function of a mentally healthy person is quite strongly protected by nature, and if there are no congenital malformations in the structure of the sexual organs, organic factors rarely influence it radically. The most important take away here is to not neglect sexual practice.

3. A shortage of sexual energy

If a man is capable of sexualAn iceberg-man: how to melt the ice of intimate sensations and cause desire! activity, but belongs to a weak sexual group, his attraction and potency are generally low. A sexologist can help such men.

4. Age

With age, the average man begins to “dry out” physically, and it becomes difficult for him to withstand the previous sexual load. If suddenly at this moment, life presents him with inflated demands, he can begin to avoid intimate contacts. Here, the desire to “stay in the saddle” is important to combine with a reasonable and realistic approach to the problem.

5. Just temporary difficulty

It also happens that a man is healthy, his sexual function is in order, and the sex drive is gone. If a man is only missing this, his sexual energy “leaked” in another direction (too much enthusiasm for work, unfulfilled dreams, unsatisfied sexual fantasies). In such situations, the weakening of libido should be viewed as a temporary difficulty that can be dealt with by himself or with the help of a psychologist.